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Citizens’ Letter to Congress:


The Heritage Foundation—America’s largest and most effective conservative think tank—will make this letter available to all 535 members of Congress. Our legislators need to know that Americans like you have had enough of the failed liberal ideas that are destroying our country.

Members of Congress:

Liberals have a long history of turning bad ideas into failed, destructive laws.

And I’m standing with The Heritage Foundation and concerned citizens nationwide and respectfully urging Congress to stop the madness:

  • Nibbling around the edges of out-of-control federal spending that is rooted in failed liberal programs of the past will NOT save America from bankruptcy.
  • Liberal social welfare programs of the past have FAILED to relieve poverty, and building on them now will only perpetuate a culture of dependence that undermines personal responsibility.
  • Federal command and control of the private sector ALWAYS results in unintended consequences, and new layers of government regulation will stifle economic recovery.

The Heritage Foundation has identified hundreds of billions of dollars that can be cut out of the federal budget immediately—and trillions of dollars that can be saved over time by dismantling entire bureaucracies like Obamacare and reforming bloated and wasteful entitlement programs.

Congress still has time and opportunity to change the nation’s course, avert disaster, and begin rebuilding an America where freedom, opportunity, prosperity, and civil society flourish.

Again, I urge Congress to stop the liberal ideas that have been dragging America down for decades and to begin governing based on the conservative principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, and strong national defense.

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